The season of renewal is ideal for new beginnings.


5 Reasons Why Spring is the Perfect Time for a Vegan Wedding

Spring is a magical time for a wedding celebration. Days are longer and brighter, the weather is warmer, flowers and trees are starting to bloom— ...

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This professional vegan baker shares her tips.


How Do You Get the Vegan Wedding Cake of Your Dreams? This Baker Explains.

Lisa Weinberg is lucky to be living one version of the vegan good life. Not only does she call the beautiful Northern Italian region of Lake Como ...

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When Mom is a legendary vegan chef, an amazing menu ensues.

Photo by Neva Sullivan Photography

For This Couple, Planning Their Vegan Wedding Menu Was a Family Affair

Fate definitely played a hand in the budding romance of Sasha Clark and Ian Kraft, who met for the first time when they were both working as ...

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This wedding officiant marries couples in paradise.

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Three Unexpected Ways Your Wedding Officiant Can Support You on Your Big Day

Marcelo Galli isn’t your average wedding officiant; in the last 24 years, this former professional musician has married more than 4,000 couples. ...

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Share the (puppy) love on your big day.

Photo by Ben Yew Photography

When Planning Their Destination Wedding, This Couple Made Sure to Include Their Canine Companion

You’ve heard of Best Man and Flower Girl, but what about a Dog of Honor? Meet Lulu the VIP (Very Important Pup) whose presence at her parents’ ...

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