Unplug in simple luxury at these vegan hotels.

Luxe rooms and deep relaxation await at Soarsa 1875.
Luxe rooms and deep relaxation await at Soarsa 1875.

Heavenly Hotels Where You Can Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate After Your Vegan Wedding

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Vegan honeymoons are no longer niche; as the number of vegan couples tying the knot increases, plant-based hotels with five-star food, romantic ambiance, and plush amenities are mushrooming in every corner of the planet to meet demand. The challenge for couples isn't finding a vegan-friendly honeymoon destination, it's deciding which special spot will be yours to claim for your post-wedding escape. 

Whether ensconced in a luxe Italian agriturismo or relaxing at a secluded inn, vegan honeymooners need more than just a feather-free pillow to rest their heads on; they need a special spot to relax, reboot, and rejuvenate after months of planning (and let's be real, stressing over) their big day.

For some couples, that means an on-site spa, and for others, it’s a tranquil place to completely unplug and spend quality time with your partner. Whatever it is that you as a couple crave, a growing cadre of boutique hotels is there to greet you with extra-special perks created with your vegan values in mind. These are three of our favorites.

Hotel Plantación
Jardin, Colombia

If Colombia isn't on your radar yet, let Hotel Plantaciòn be your introduction. 

Rolling into the small coffee-producing town of Jardin, past the colorful colonial-era houses framed against a backdrop of verdant mountains, you can’t help but exhale and sink into relaxation mode. Though undiscovered by most of the world, this small city of 14,000 in the country’s northwestern Antioquia province has long been a weekend destination for urbanites in the regional capital of Medellin, who come to experience the healing power of the area’s waterfalls, forests, and wildlife.

Once you reach Hotel Plantación, you’ll first be captivated by its contemporary elegance and stylish use of color, with rich yellows and blues offset by vivid pops of green foliage. The theme continues as you enter the courtyard and visually explore the chic inner sanctum. Dotted around the common areas are artistic elements—textiles, framed prints, custom furniture—created by local artists, lending each space a highly curated, intentional feel. 

Owners Verónica Arango and Daniel Hernández worked in design before trading in their big-city lives to fulfill a dream of creating an eco-friendly boutique hotel, and their aesthetic vision is the perfect complement to the natural beauty that abounds here. Inside, the rooms are simple yet comfortable, with French doors that swing open to allow you to be serenaded by a chorus of frogs and birdsong. The mini decks and private balconies give front-row-center views of the hotel’s private orchards and the mountains beyond. 

Environmental sustainability is a driving force for Hernández and Arango, who understand the reality of travel’s carbon footprint and strive to prove that comfort, style, and sustainability are not mutually exclusive concepts. Recycled rainwater feeds the garden, food is composted, and guests are offered reusable bags for shopping excursions. The on-site vegan restaurant, Consulado Vegetal, is open to guests as well as to the public, and each dish, from the granola bowls and pancakes to the Colombian mezze platter, brimming with cacao butter-refried beans, sweet plantain hummus, barley-beet croquettes, and homemade guacamole, is prepared with locally sourced ingredients—much of which was grown right on the hotel grounds. 

Swing open the French doors to your patio and be serenaded by the music of local wildlife.

Hotel Plantación’s on-site spa is a wellness haven, offering reflexology and massage to help you make the most of this special time as newlyweds. The Energy Ritual in the River is a fast track to whole-body healing, beginning with a 30-minute hike to a nearby waterfall, followed by a dip in the river. Next comes an external herbal-smoke “cleansing” and a sugar-and-coffee scrub, ending with a super-relaxing cranial-sacral massage with local miel de purga, a type of “honey” that comes from a plant.

While Jardin isn’t on most American honeymooners' radars yet, it’s only a matter of time before word gets out about this South America gem and Hotel Plantación becomes the best-kept secret every newlywed couple knows about. Our advice: get in while you can—and treat yourself to the cure that heals all ailments: Mother Nature.

Agrivilla i Pini
San Gimignano, Italy

The business of relaxation is serious at Agrivilla i Pini. This is your spot to really unplug (wifi isn't available in rooms!).

The term “la dolce vita” wasn’t coined by Franziska and Benjamin Posch, the owners of Agrivilla i Pini, but they’ve certainly captured the essence of the sweet life at their 11-room agriturismo—Italian, loosely, for farmstay—nestled in the undulating Tuscan countryside in the historic town of San Gimignano, Italy.

Surrounded by 15 acres of grapevines and olive groves, the stunning abode is a feast for the senses. Lush gardens brim with plants grown from heirloom seeds, while figs, cherries, and apricots drip like jewels from the trees. If you spot a beehive, there’s no need to sound the vegan alarm; these are safe spaces for the bees to live and work, a thank-you of sorts for pollinating the many plants that will be transformed into food served to guests at the hotel’s farm-to-table restaurant.

Fresh food, organic wine, and quiet comfort—these are the things that matter at Agrivilla i Pini, not Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Each minimalist room in this renovated 15th century farmstead is delightfully free of distractions: no television, telephones, or internet. If the thought of a temporary device divorce has you panicking, fear not. While the hotel was designed as a chic retreat from the digital world, wifi is available in common areas, although resisting temptation is encouraged here to allow you to experience each moment with your betrothed fully, in real time.  

Much of the food at Agrivilla i Pini was grown in the boutique hotel's own gardens.

On warm days, meals are served on the outdoor patio, treating guests to sweeping views across the ancient landscape dotted with medieval towers and church spires. Tuning into the sights and smells, you’ll pick up the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting out of the kitchen each morning, before tucking in to a veritable “slow buffet” of freshly baked cakes and breads, colorful fruit salads, luscious spreads and dips, and wholesome muesli with homemade almond milk. Dinner is a four-course affair dedicated to the region’s plant-based bounty; think focaccia, bruschetta, and house-fermented vegetable appetizers; vine-ripened gazpacho soup and rustic salads for the first course; eggplant parmigiana and handmade pasta for the main dish; and decadent raw cheesecakes and a seductive caramel slice—featuring layers of shortbread, caramel, and chocolate—for dessert. This is gustatory indulgence, and the two of you deserve it!

The icing on the (wedding) cake might be the outdoor saltwater pool, the ultimate spot for relishing downtime. You and your partner can settle into chaise longues made from sustainably produced wood, sip drinks from the hotel’s wellness bar, and soak up the experience with nothing to distract you other than incredible views and the call of the sun-warmed water.

Agrivilla i Pini operates within the philosophy of “Biotique,” their personal approach to life that blends quality and beauty with a goal of working toward the common good of humanity. The pillars of their philosophy—vegan, organic, sustainability, seasonal, and handmade—are visible at every turn here. For newlyweds who dream of a truly relaxing getaway free from the distractions of modern life, la dolce vita awaits them here, under the Tuscan sun.

Saorsa 1875
Pitlochry, Scotland

Romance oozes from every corner of this cozy vegan hotel in the Scottish Highlands.

At the gateway of the Scottish Highlands, two hours north of Edinburgh, lies the Victorian town of Pitlochry: a charming village known for its theater festival, hikes to picturesque lochs, and endless whisky distilleries. And about a 15-minute walk from the quaint town center—right where your train will leave the two of you, should you follow the rite of European rail travel—is Saorsa 1875, a luxury hotel featuring upscale plant-based dining, feather-free bedding, and incredibly cozy ambiance. Founded by Sandra and John McLaren-Stewart and their three kids, Saorsa (pronounced “sore-sa”) is a Gaelic term meaning freedom.

Driving that message home, and the reason to book a stay at this 19th-century storybook castle, are the incredible five-course tasting menus made with organically grown local produce. The menu changes with the seasons, but one constant is that everything is always delicious.

Gourmet meals at Saorsa 1875 are prepared from ingredients that are sourced locally, and sometimes, even from the inn's own gardens.

So while you’ll never know ahead of time what dinner entails, after your first bite, you'll know you're in good culinarily gifted hands. Think king oyster mushrooms with ricotta pesto, almonds, and lemon; confit celeriac with fennel, salsify, and black trumpet mushrooms; and a heavenly caramelized banana brulée for dessert. Complementing your meal is a full bar featuring whisky cocktails (get the Negroni and sleep extra well) and organic wines expertly paired with your supper.

After drifting off to sleep in your pared-down room designed as a cozy hideaway, awake to a breakfast of fresh croissants, hand-squeezed orange juice, and hot, foamy lattes. If this level of pampering feels like a dream, that’s because in many ways, it is. A honeymoon experience like this—complete with next-level dining and chic rooms set amidst an awe-inspiring mountainous backdrop—is something that, for many couples, has existed solely in fantasies. But at the foot of the Scottish highlands, Saorsa 1875 is a beautiful reality.

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