A vegan cheese table brings flavor, texture, & fun to your wedding.

Photo by Miyoko's Creamery
Photo by Miyoko's Creamery

11 Vegan Cheeses to Dazzle Guests at Your Wedding Celebration 

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If there was ever a time to work a cheese table into your wedding menu, it’s now. With so many rich, elegant, 100-percent plant-based options available by mail order from gourmet vegan cheesemongers and at your local grocery store, the only problem you’ll have is narrowing down the choices to the best of the best to showcase how fabulous veganism can be. From artisan wheels aged for months for rich flavor to light and creamy spreadables studded with fresh herbs, your cheese table will dazzle and delight your guests. To make the process easier for you, we’ve curated a selection that represents 10 ultra-gourmet favorites. (Plus one bonus cheese, to spread the love!)

1. Miyoko’s Classic Chive
Creamy, tangy, and full of rich cheesy flavor, this classic from the most popular vegan cheese brand is a must-have for any cheese table. Your guests will be begging for details!

2. RIND Cambleau
This cheese is a delicious marriage of creamy camembert and blue cheese, with a soft-ripened texture and incredible flavor. Truly artisan and high-quality, it couldn't be more ideal for a wedding menu!

3. Uncreamery Classic Brie
This relative newcomer on the plant-based cheese scene is winning converts from coast to coast for its luscious, ultra-creamy bries. If you want to go extra-fancy, try the truffled version!

4. Treeline Cracked Pepper
This lovely little cheese round offers the best of all possible worlds, offering a creamy-yet-firm texture and tangy flavor that spreads well on crackers, baguette slices, or crispy flatbread.

5. Violife Just Like Feta
This fabulous cheese is like feta, but better! The flavor is nuanced, it is beyond creamy, and its neutral flavor gives you opportunities to personalize the presentation with edible flowers, herbs, or spices.

6. Nuts For Cheese Super Blue
These stunning wedges of blue-veined fromage get their dramatic hue from spirulina, but your guests won’t know it’s actually good for you! They’ll just be wowed by the authentically pungent flavor.

7. Fieldroast Chao Original Block
There’s something comforting about a thick block of creamy cheese with just the right amount of fat to conjure images of childhood sandwiches. This unassuming cheese hits all the right notes!

8. Reine Trufflehound
Here’s another vegan cheese that your non-vegan guests will never begin to imagine is made without dairy. It boasts an earthy black truffle flavor and is made with organic cashews.

9. Virgin Lemon Dill Cheese
Fresh, herby, tangy, and gorgeous to look at, this specialty vegan cheese will take your cheese table to the next level. Serve with crunchy crackers and garnish with plump olives, and you’ll really give guests something to rave about! 

10. Vtopian Caramelized Onion Camembert
With notes of balsamic coupled with caramel-y sweetness, this delectably creamy cheese delights the palate with its sophisticated flavors. Each dramatic purple-tinted wedge is a showstopper!


11. Rebel Cheese Spicy Spanish Paprika Chèvre
Foodies Kirsten and Fred started Rebel Cheese in part to show the world that kind alternatives to "regular" cheese exist. They've done an amazing job, and their whole Chèvre line is delcious proof! 

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