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This Couple Merged Ethics and Style at their Vegan Wedding

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Carrie Mumah and Matt Reese are a couple that knows who they are and what they want, and their stunning wedding at a bucolic farm sanctuary is proof!

The vegan duo, who met more than a decade ago while working for vegan health advocacy non-profit PCRM in Washington, DC, knew they wanted a celebration that reflected their values, and that meant choosing a venue and working with vendors that understood their ethics.

The animals are what turned Matt and Carrie's hearts and minds toward veganism, so a farm sanctuary wedding was a perfect fit. | KHAKI BEDFORD PHOTOGRAPHY

With the help of skilled wedding planner Emily Monus, who—as a vegan, is very well-versed in plant-based living—they got everything they wanted, from their pre-wedding pizza-and-wings party to their magical venue where animals would be part of the nuptial narrative.

“The Gray Barn at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary provided us a peaceful, serene, and vegan space to prepare for the day,” says Carrie, who first went veg when she was just 10 out of a love for animals. “Our guests got a tour of the farm sanctuary right after the ceremony where they could meet the animals and hear their stories. Supporting this incredible organization felt fitting for us as longtime activists.”

Carrie and Matt's guests got a special tour of the sanctuary after the ceremony. | KHAKI BEDFORD PHOTOGRAPHY

The couple, who were living in Park Slope, Brooklyn when they tied the knot, brought their sleek urban style to the celebration with chic outfits that made them look like they stepped right of the pages of an avant garde fashion magazine. 

“After one attempt at trying on wedding dresses, I knew it wasn’t for me and ended up finding this jumpsuit online,” says Carrie, who ordered her outfit from Solace London, a vegan-friendly brand with lots of options for brides who favor bold looks. Her ensemble also included a pair of stylish leather-free slingbacks with two-toned block heels.

Carrie's fashion-forward look included quirky-cool slingbacks with two-tone heels. | KHAKI BEDFORD PHOTOGRAPHY

Matt got lucky and found a perfectly tailored vegan suit by revered fashion house Maison Margiela, and wore a bespoke pocket square that was made by a friend. He cut a sharp figure with his synthetic leather brogues, boutonniere, and silk-free tie.

The couple bucked tradition when it came to walking down the aisle, choosing to stroll to the altar hand-in-hand instead of the standard father-of-the-bride escort. A dear friend served as their officiant, and, says Carrie, “we didn’t have a wedding party, but we had supportive friends who were there for us throughout the weekend, helping out and providing support.”

A dear friend served as the couple's wedding officiant. | KHAKI BEDFORD PHOTOGRAPHY

For their wedding favors, Matt and Carrie went the DIY route, making eco-friendly soy candles by hand for each of their 70 guests. A box of matches bearing the same matchstick tattoo design they both share added an extra-personal touch to the gifts.

They even put their unique spin on their wedding meal, most of which their caterers prepared outdoors on an open fire. Drinks included cocktails named in honor of the couple’s two cats, whom they’d lost in recent years, and their cake was a multi-tiered confection created by vegan bakery Sweet Maresa’s.

The couple's wedding cake was a luscious confection by legendary upstate bakery Sweet Maresa's. | EMILY MONUS EVENTS PHOTO

“The wedding ended with a firepit,” says Carrie. “We loved that this provided a natural end to the wedding where we could relax with friends around a fire."

As far as vegan weddings go, Matt and Carrie's was pretty perfect, but if they had it to do all over again, there’s one little thing they’d change. “We wish we would have filmed some of it just to have the memories on file,” says Carrie.

“At the time we felt that would be going a bit overboard for us, but thinking back it would be nice to have recordings of the musicians we had there who were amazing, the speeches our friends gave, and our friends getting wild on the dance floor.”

Much of the nuptial feast was prepared by the couple's caterers, Monk's Meats, on-site over an open fire. | KHAKI BEDFORD PHOTOGRAPHY

In the nearly four years they’ve been married, Carrie and Matt have experienced some pretty big shifts. Not only did they move from New York to Atlanta, Georgia, but they also welcomed a new family member into their lives.

“To say our lives have changed is an understatement,” says Carrie. “We lived in Brooklyn through the first two years of the COVID pandemic, and had a baby during that time too. She’s about to turn two!”

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Unique unions
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Pick your poison
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